HPE MSA 2052 Storage

Affordable and packed with a bevvy of advanced features, the industry-leading HPE MSA 2052 SAN Storage is a real game-changer for your data centre.

Efficient, cost-effective and high performance, it is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses who need blazing fast speed on a budget.

The premier in affordable flash storage, HPE MSA 2052 SAN Storage is a hybrid flash system designed and built for affordable application acceleration. Despite its low cost, it delivers flexibility and a variety of advanced features well beyond expectations for an entry-priced array.

With 1.6TB flash capacity, scale as required with any combination of SSDs, high performance enterprise or more cost-effective midline SAS-based drives. An industry-leading entry storage Fibre Channel platform for almost a decade, the HPE MSA 2052 SAN Storage is ideal if you are looking for a high performance, cost-effective option.

This range offers a wide range of new features, including:

  • Free online MSA Health Check tool which delivers insight into the overall health of your MSA array.
  • New MSA variants available for EMEA that are in compliance with EU Commission Regulation No 2019/424
  • New 960GB and 1.92TB Read Intensive SSD
  • New 14 TB LFF HDD and 6 pack bundle

Affordable Application Acceleration

This system performs more than 200,000 IOPS, providing amazing application acceleration for small and medium-sized businesses. Combining high performance with low cost, this system delivers twice the performance of the previous generation HPE MSA 2042 SAN Storage.

Advanced Data Services - Zero Experience Required

Simply to install, easy to use and effortless to maintain, the MSA 2052 SAN Storage requires no previous experience. Automated tiering responds to workload changes dynamically, taking that responsibility off your shoulders.

Keep Your Business Running with Expanded Data Protection Features

Airtight data protection and instant recovery is made possible by virtualised snapshot technology. Disaster recovery is affordable, supported by remote replication with Fibre Channel and iSCSI.

Flexible Growth into The Future

The HPE MSA 2052 SAN Storage provides data-in place upgrades safeguarding drive investments and reducing data migration. You can start small and scale as required with any combination of SSDs, enterprise or midline SAS disk drives.

Technical Specifications


  • 614 TB SFF or 1342 TB LFF, maximum raw capacity depending on model

Drive Description

  • 192 SFF SAS/MDL SAS/SSD or 96 LFF SAS/MDL SAS/SSD, maximum including expansion, supported,depending on model

Host Interface

  • 16 Gb/8 Gb Fibre Channel (8) Ports per system,1 GbE/10GbE iSCSI (8) Ports per system or 12Gb SAS (8)Ports per system, supported

Storage Controller

  • (2) HPE MSA 2050 SAN Controller or (2) HPE MSA 2050 SAS Controllers, supported, depending on model

Storage Expansion Options

  • HPE MSA 2050 LFF Disk Enclosure or HPE MSA 2050 SFF Disk Enclosure

Clustering Support

  • Windows, Linux, HP-UX

SAN backup support

  • Yes

Systems Insight Manager support

  • Yes

Compatible operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019, Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, MicrosoftWindows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Windows Hyper-V, HP-UX, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, VMware ESXi,OVMS. Detailed information available at: http://www.hpe.com/storage/spock

Form Factor

  • 2U

Minimum dimensions ( H x W x D)

  • 8.9 x 49.5 x 44.7 cm


  • 18.4kg

Standard Features
Access Type Block
Form Factor 2U, SFF or LFF
Number of controllers per array 2
Number of host ports per array 8
FC host connectivity 8/16Gb
SCSI host connectivity 1Gb or 10GbI
SAS host connectivity 6/12Gb
Cache, per array
Max Read cache per array 8TB
Data (read/write) cache + system memory per array 16GB
Pool Capacity (with Large Pool Support) 562 TB (512 TiB)
RAID Levels supported: Virtual mode RAID 0*,1, 5, 6, 10
Expansion Drive Enclosures 0-7 enclosures
LFF/SFF array/enclosure mixing Supported
Maximum number of drives per array enclosure 24 SFF/12 LFF
Maximum number of drives per drive enclosure 24 SFF/12 LFF
Drive enclosure interface type 6Gb SAS
Maximum total HDDs per array 192 SFF / 96 LFF
Maximum total SSDs per array 192 SFF / 96 LFF
Max raw capacity per array enclosure 76.8 TB SFF / 168TB LFF
Max raw capacity per drive enclosure 76.8 TB SFF / 168TB LFF
Max raw capacity per array 614.4TB SFF / 1344TB LFF
Integrated SSDs 2x800GB Mixed Use SSDs
Drive Capacities
SFF SSDs 800GB, 960GB, 1.6TB, 1.92TB, 3.2TB
LFF SSDs 800GB, 960GB, 1.92TB
SFF HDDs 15K: 600GB, 900GB; 10K: 600GB, 1.2TB, 1.8TB, 2.4TB
LFF HDDs 7.2K: 4TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, 12TB,14TB
SEDs Encryption not supported
Software Features
Thin Technologies Thin Provisioning, Space Reclamation, Thin Rebuild
Tiering Performance Tier, Standard Tier, Archive Tier
Replication Snapshots (512), Volume Copy, Remote Snaps
Quality of Service Virtual Tier Affinity
Bundled/Integrated Licenses Advanced Data Services LTU standard
Additional Features
Maximum number of volumes 512
Maximum number of snapshots 512
Maximum number of hosts 512
Maximum number of initiators 1024
Customer self-installable Yes
Customer self-repairable Yes
Customer self-upgradeable Yes
Health Check analytics Yes

Our Rigorous Testing

Before leaving our UK workshop, all ServerWarehouse solutions undergo a rigorous 48 hour testing procedure. This, along with OEM HPE components we use ensure all of our server and storage solutions meet the strictest quality guidelines demanded from us.

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